5 Best Grill Sandwich Makers In India In 2017, Reviews, Rating & Discounts

5 Best Grill Sandwich Makers In India In 2017, Reviews, Rating & Discounts

The sandwich grill is only a simple grill with a warming component on both sides so that the bread browns uniformly on both sides. It is only a littler electric grill on which you can toast your sandwiches and paninis. The grill is secured with nonstick material so that your bread does not stick to it. A Grill sandwich maker is really a decent alternative to having at home basically because it costs somewhat lesser than the toaster stove yet works similarly also. Most them cost around the $40 which is the same as most four slice toasters. The difference is that a similar grill can be utilized to make essentially anything you need the length of it is not very huge. A four slice toaster might be littler, yet it will just toast bread.

5 Best Grill Sandwich Makers Comparison Table

ProductModelPOWERStar RatingsBuy Now
Prestige PGMFB
800 W


Nova Panni NSG-2439
NSG 2439

700 W


Cello Super
SM_SC 200_GM

820 w


Nova NGS
NSG 2449

1000 W


750 W


5 Best Sandwich Makers In India In 2017

Top 10 Best Grill Sandwich Makers Price List

Top 10 Sandwich Makers In India In 2017

As a multi-purpose kitchen machine, a sandwich grill is one of the best things to have. It is not all that vast that you can’t utilize it as a countertop machine while in the meantime it is not all that little that you can make only two sandwiches in the meantime. Also, they cost quite recently the same as a double sandwich maker, yet you can make three after all other options have been exhausted. They likewise cost the same. The main negative if at all is that you won’t get sealed sandwiches, yet then for many of us, the enjoyment in eating a sandwich is the point at which the cheddar keeps running down the sides. A sealed sandwich likewise takes any longer to cool and there would be numerous who have consumed the top of their mouths at the principal nibble into one without understanding that within does not cool as quick as the outside.

Here you will get the best Grill Sandwich Makers ranked by popularity.These sandwich makers are best sellers and will deliver quality, execution and obviously extraordinary incentive for cash. Go ahead and look at the Top 10 Best Grill Sandwich Makers in India in 2017. When you pick a sandwich maker deliberately you can get models that work superbly even with thick-cut bread, harder outside layers, stretchy cheeses and any sort of fillings.

The two main sorts of Sandwich Makers are the Four-Triangle Sandwich maker and the Panini Sandwich Maker. The Panini Sandwich maker grills sandwiches as well as goes about as a toaster and a frying pan. Aside from making the great grilled sandwiches, you can likewise make flapjacks, burger patties, and even kebabs. The Four-triangle Sandwich Maker is the most widely recognized one, and it has a nearby down outline that ties two bits of bread with filling inside together and grills it. This is extraordinary for a speedy top notch sandwich produced using any filling. To pick a decent grilled sandwich maker to go for a dependable brand, guarantee that it can be cleaned effectively, has a non-stick surface and has temperature control capacities. This best grill sandwich maker price list of Top 10 Best Grill Sandwich Makers in India in 2017 just components the top sellers.


5 Best Grill Sandwich Makers In India Reviews

1)Prestige PGMFB 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster



The Prestige PGMFB sandwich maker utilizes a non-stick plate to grill or toast your sandwiches. Cleaning this gadget is currently simple in case of any spillage. Because of the grill plates, the sandwiches utilize less oil, making your dinner sound and new. This kitchen machine is sheltered and easy to understand. It is worked with a durable, warm safe body, protecting the external body cool and to touch. Besides, it additionally includes an against slide base which avoids slipping and mischances. You can read the Prestige sandwich maker survey to comprehend what it brings to the table.


1.Fixed grill plates
2.Non-stick heating plate
3.Elegant black finish body


1.The power cable is very short length


2)Nova Panni NSG-2439 700-Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Maker Review



This sandwich maker has a non-stick plate, which keeps the bread from adhering onto the plates. If there is arise of any spillage, these plates can be cleaned effortlessly. The grill plates permit you to make sandwiches considerably speedier than different techniques. This helpful Nova Pan comes with an incorporated light pointer, which is on the outside of the apparatus. This is useful in demonstrating to you the advance of your sandwiches, which keeps them from getting singed. Along these lines, you are certain to get flawless brilliant dark colored barbecued sandwiches each and every time you utilize it. It consumes 700 watts of energy with a specific end goal to warm the plates to the greatest temperature that is required for the barbecuing process.

Pros & Cons:


1.Grilling function
2.Non-stick coating
3.Cool touch body
4.2 Slice panni grill sandwich maker


1.Not recommended for kids.

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#3 Cello Super Club 200 750-Watt Grill Maker Review



Presently you can get ready crispy, tasty and delicious grill sandwiches helpfully and serenely in a matter of moments with this Super Club 200 grill sandwich maker. It highlights 2 slice press grill, drifting pivoted beat plate – toasts different types of bread, simple to clean non-stick plates, customizable tallness control and string Storage office. It parades a stainless steel cover, which is solid and high in quality.

Pros & Cons:


1.2 slice press grill
2.Floating hinges top plate-toasts different types of bread
3.Easy to clean non-stick plate
4.Adjustable height control
5.Warranty: 2 years on product


1.Length of main cord is very small. It’s difficult to place in

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4)Nova NGS 2449 1000-Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Maker 



Sandwiches make magnificent noontime dinners and are awesome snacks to pack while going for picnics or short excursions with family. So get this sandwich maker from Nova and make fresh and flavorful sandwiches easily. grilling and Toasting Functions. Non-stick Coating The Teflon non-stick covering gives you scrumptiously barbecued sandwiches with each use, while additionally guaranteeing quick and simple tidy up. Cool Touch Body – With a cool-touch body, you don’t need to stress over consuming your hands while opening or shutting the machine. It is safe to deal with, easy to work and simple to clean. This panini producer accompanies both barbecuing and toasting capacities, so you simply need to warm the machine and grill or toast the bread cuts to your preference.

Pros & Cons:


1.Superior quality and non-stic coating
2.Toasting and grilling
3.Warranty: 1 year on product
4.Power: 1000 watts; Operating voltage: 210-250 volts
5.Includes: Sandwich maker and instruction manual


1.Lock knob is too delicate and that too on one side

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5)Morphy Richards SM3006 Toast and Grill Sandwich Maker



Do you love your sandwiches to be healthy and well-made? Then get the Morphy Richards Sandwich maker that you and your family will absolutely love. It has non-stick plates that make your sandwiches healthy and equally tasty. These are easy to clean and do not require any greasing at all. The sandwich maker has an anti-skid base and feet that allows you to carry it around for picnics comfortably with its front handle. It has a very sleek design and compact structure and is equally easy to use. Just plug it in and you are all set to make some yummy and healthy sandwiches.

Pros & Cons:


1.Removable toast and grill plate
2.Easy to clean non-stick cook plates
3.Ready-to-cook and power on neons
4.Warranty: 2 years on product
5.Power: 750 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts


1.You cannot make satisfactory waffles in it.

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Sandwich makers are not expensive appliances at all. Sandwich makers come with different settings to help you customize the browning of your bread. Following are some necessary points that needs to be considered while selecting a Sandwich Maker. If you are searching for the best Grill sandwich maker for your home, you’re at the right place. We provide all the relevant information in a concise manner so you can make up your mind within a few minutes thereby saving you a lot of effort. We have also collected reviews from users all over the country to avoid any error in selection procedure. 


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