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5 Best Water Purifier Price List In India Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Water Purifier Price List In India Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for best water purifier in India.  ? Drinking pure water is one of the basic needs. It becomes necessary to buy the best air purifier for home if you want pure water. As we know everything is polluted, hence water is also highly polluted. Thankfully we have water purifiers that make our life easier. However, it is difficult to select from different types of the water purifier that are available these days. We are going to tell you about different points that you can keep in mind while buying the best water purifier. We will help you in buying best water purifier in india. It is advisable to buy water purifier online. Here is our water purifier price list so that you can make a smart decision.

5 Best water purifier price list & Comparison Table

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier
Livpure Glo
7 L3.9Glo
Hul Pureit Ultima Ro+Uv Water Purifier
Hul Pureit Ultima
12L3.5Pureit Ultima

Kent Ultra
8L3.5 Ultra
Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-LitreWater Purifier 3.0 out of
Kent Grand Plus
Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-LitreWater Purifier 3.0 out of
Tata Swach
15L3.5Swach Smart

5 Best water purifier price list Reviews

Here are the best water purifiers reviews. Check ro water purifier online by clicking the button below. Grab the best water purifiers now. check out water purifier price list now. You can find which water purifier is best. buy best water purifier in India


#1 Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier Review

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier


  1. This water purifier comes with a capacity of 7 liters. Moreover, this system can work without electricity. Due to advanced filtration system, you can get 100 % pure water.
  2. It also uses 6 Stage Advanced Purification System. The livpure water purifier eliminates bad taste, odour, hardness, salts.



  • Elegant and sleek design
  • 6-stage advanced purification system
  • Works up to 1500 TDS level


  • No water level indicator
  • Water wastage



#2 Hul Pureit Ultima Ro Uv Water Purifier Review

pureit water purifier


  1. pureit water purifier is basically designed for Indian homes. There is also a purity indicator in pureit water purifier which tells you the level of purity of water.
  2. This best water purifier in India has the ability to remove 10 million germs from 1 liter of water. Also, this pureit water purifier price is also affordable.
  3. When the Germkill Cartridge runs out of the juice you will get a warning. There is also a TDS modulator which develops the taste of your drinking water. You can buy this water purifier online at an affordable price



  1. 100% water passes through RO and UV to give completely safe water
  2. Senses water upto 5000 times every sec 
  3. 6 stage purification  



  1. Suitable only for Low TDS water



#3 Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review

water purifier price list



  1.  Its working is based on UV Technology which makes sure all viruses, odors. contaminants are eliminated. 
  2. This water purifier is CE and ISI certified, which makes sure it meets all standards. It is made of ABS food grade plastic which makes sure that water purifier has longer life durability.
  3. UV Fail Alarms: This water purifier accompanies this unique feature. It notifies user to change the uv lamp.
  4. Fully Automatic Operation: There is no requirement of manual intervention. It can work automatically.



  • Best Budget UV + UF
  • No water wastage
  • 7 Litre Storage
  • Water-Level Indicator


  • No storage tank



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#4 Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV/UF  Water Purifier

kent water purifier



  1. Kent Grand Plus features 8 liters water capacity which is sufficient. The Kent water purifier is NSF and WQA certified which means it is rigorously tested.
  2. Kent water purifier is made of ABS food grade plastic which means it is rigorous, durable.
  3. It is installed with high power 11 watt UV lamp which eliminates all microscopic germs. Kent water purifier is fully automatic in operation which means no human intervention is needed. For those who are looking for low budget water purifier,  kent water purifier price is affordable.



  • Wall mounted easy installation
  • Storage Capacity: 8 Litres
  • Double purification by RO and UV/UF with TDS controller
  • ABS Food Grade plastic body ensures non-breakable and durability feature
  • Certifications: NSF, WQA, ISI, CE, and RoHS
  • Operating voltage: 100 – 300 V~ AC / 50 Hz, 800mA. Bring the best water purifier for home



  • After sale service is below average.


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#5 Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-LitreWater Purifier Review


Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-LitreWater Purifier 3.0 out of


  1. This Tata water purifier comes with all necessary features.  The advanced UV+UF technology and Silver action ensure extra purity.
  2. It also has user-friendly indicators.  The ultraviolet (UV) technology saves you from the microbiological impurities which are present in the water. 
  3. The ultrafiltration membrane (UF) technology makes use of the semi-permeable membrane for purification.



  1. Fresh cafe-style coffee ready with just one touch in seconds
  2. 2 Programmable cup sizes – for short and long cups of coffee along with an adjustable drip-tray
  3. Easy to use with mechanical lever operation
  4. Removable water jar for a convenient refill


  1. Because working capacity is just 7-8 lit and not 15.

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This was our water purifier price list. Hopefully, it helped you in buying best water purifier in India. You can share your comments below. We have also discussed different types of water purifier. However, kent ro water purifier is very popular these days. Also,  kent water purifier price is affordable. It is always advisable to purchase water purifier online as it is available at cheaper price. If you keep these things in mind, you can buy best water purifier in India.