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5 Best Simulation Games For Android Which To Try In 2018

Those who want to stimulate the real world with their activities android simulation games are for them. It will make you feel like you are living a life on screen. Do you know why gamers love it? They love it because they can do everything that they want to do in their real lives. The games include driving a vehicle, running a business, fighting enemies, saving one community and many more. The best part of simulation games is they are available in every version of androids. The dreams which you cannot fulfill in your life will be fulfilled through simulation games. There are different categories of games for different types of phones. Here is a list of best simulation games for android.

Here We will Talk About 5 Best Simulation Games For Android

5 Best Simulation Games For Android:

#1 This war of mine:

This war of mine

One of the most popular games in the Android world and also available in iOS and Linux is This war of mine. This is a survival-themed video strategic game. In this game, you have to protect yourself from your co-fighters in the battlefield of war. Guns and weapons are not available for the fighter. The goal of this game is to survive. Even the supporting characters of this game do not have any military training. You will not get any multi-player option for this game. This is a single player game. The characters of this game have to take tough decisions to survive in this game. Overall, this is an excellent game for Android users.

#2 Dokdo:

If you love sea view games, then this game is entirely for you. This is a ship simulation game. The game has already grossed more than 1 million downloads from the Google play store. If you think you are going to experience like pirates of the Carrebiens, then you might be wrong as it is a deeper game than that. You will be given a ship in this game, and you are good to go. You can do fishing, win a land or battle with other ships if you want. You have a big area to invade so that you can enjoy your big territory. For its excellent view, it’s worth downloading.

#3 Game Dev Tycoon:

Game Dev Tycoon

When we were younger we all loved to won our own offices. Game Dev Tycoon just acted like one genie and fulfilled that wish of ours. This game is a history-making business simulation game. This is a single player game. In this game, you are allowed to become the leader in the market. Also, you can gain worldwide fans. The journey of this game starts in the 80’s, and you can expand your games with years even can win the market. This game is famous because it is a very challenging game. In this game, you are the boss, and you have to take decisions like a boss of an office and these decisions have an impact on your work. This game will offer you to live a life a life of a game developer.

#4 My Tamagotchi Forever:

My Tamagotchi Forever

This game is one of the well-optimised games in the simulation game world. The game is famous for its super cute characters and graphics. Tamagotchi is the protagonist of this game. The task of this game is to make it eat, sleep, clean and take care of it. Tamagotchi is a forever baby game. You will get a baby, and you have to raise it like your own.

#5 Fallout Shelter:

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a quality simulation android game. This game has beautiful graphics and quality programming. It is a free-to-play simulation game. The game is designed to make you fall in love with underworld game. The best thing about this game it has no ads.

Conclusion: Best Simulation Games For Android

These simulation games are so good that they will give you consolation and relaxation! Simulation game lovers who are thirsty to get these on Androids, can download them from Google play store and enjoy them. Hope, our list of best simulation games for android helpwd you.

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