8 Best Kitchen Faucets

A kitchen is always the place where a family ends up spending most of its time. So when you want to achieve the “look” for the kitchen, don’t just concentrate on the wooden cabinets or matching floors, the right kind of kitchen faucet can make the look a perfect one. While a lot of time people end up settling for the cheaper faucet and breaks the looks of the kitchen. If one want the kitchen to be up to the mark with the whole surrounding, it’s not necessary to match everything but a right kind of faucet is the most important step of a perfect look for your perfect kitchen.  And anyways there are large range of kitchen faucet are available to choose from, so why settle for something that doesn’t give you the look, when you have so many options available in the market.


Some of the best kitchen faucets discussed below, so let’s have a look what all is available for you :-


  1. Delta 9178-AR-DST :- A stylish and modern option for your kitchen have the pull-down feature in it, which makes it easy to use and less messy to work with. It has 360 swivel seemovement and the pull down is up to 10inches. Most importantly MangnaTite Docking Technology allows the spray wand to stay in place, which makes it easy to use as well. It comes with the option of two water flow, i.e. spray and stream, which can be achieved by using toggle switch at the back. The single leaver helps you switch between hot and cold water very easily. The valves are Delta coated which almost eliminate the chance of any kind of leak. And the best about this faucet is its come with the lifetime warranty for its finish. But when it comes to installation, you will be needing the professional help.


  1. Moen 7594ESRSArbor with motion sense :- A sleek kitchen faucet which is touchless, what more one wants in a kitchen faucet. This has been the sleekest kitchen faucet, and the finest motion sensor in industry. Just moving your hand or your utensils can make it work and once you remove the hand or utensil it stops. While it has an handle which can change temperature and flow of water but the sensor technology make it best to use in households and it undoubtedly becomes the hero of your kitchen. The spot resistant coating over the faucet makes keeping it clean really easy. While a larger family should look for Industrial grade faucet.


  1. Kraus KPF-2110 :- This comes under the best pull out faucet for the kitchen. This is an all metal look and is an prominent competitor for the others in the market. This faucet is made of lead free brass material which is not only have good looks but also is superior in performance. With 120 swivel range it can cover the whole of your kitchen sink, which makes it more desirable. The change in the temperature can be done by the lever, by moving it from right to left, while changing the flow from spray to regular flow can be done by the rubber button. The hose of the spout can be pulled down to work and will retracted back to the position.


  1. Kohler K-72218-CP Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet :- With the response rate of 20 milliseconds, this comes as the most finest finish faucet. It’s one of the finest touchless option in the market. It can be operated with the movement of the hand or the pan near the sensor, which is in the “U” band of the faucet. Being this is the only way to use the faucet for many it is very handy while other finds it little not so convenient option. This faucet also have the pull down option for spray, which gets pulled back with the help of magnetic docking mechanism. The maintenance of this senate is much easier, as it uses AC power instead of batteries. It is made of top notch and premium quality metal which lands it in the higher tag market.


  1. Premier 120161LF Sonoma Pull Out Kitchen Faucet :- This kitchen faucet do the true justice if you are looking for affordable and long lasting kitchen faucet in the pull out design. The functionality is pretty much basic in this faucet it has simple lever to switch between the water temperature and being the robust pull out head you can easily set the flow of the faucet too. With the kind of price tag it has fairly impressive build, the ceramic disc valve instead of rubber is the one top point for it, while the brush finish of exterior is also quite impressive for this faucet.


  1. ComllenModern Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet :- The big family, high usage, tight budget friendly but still one with impressive looks and use, this faucet falls in that kind of list. A pull down spray head held by a handle, and there is spout located in it which helps you to change the flow of stream. It’s 360 degree movement which cover the most of the sink and is fairly tall, which results in easier to use. If we talk about the finish the spring has the chrome and brushed nickel version of finish. Which makes it pretty stylish for the budget.


  1. Delta Faucet 9192T-SSSD-DST:- This is regarded as the best pull out kitchen faucet. If you want to make your kitchen stand out than this feature-rich faucet, an brilliant combination of mechanical brilliance and innovation is the best to choice. This faucet allows you to touch anywhere on the spout or handle to allow you to change the flow of the waterwith thedual-mode pull-down sprayer. The almost 10 inch long range makes the cleaning painless even when the sink is loaded with the utensils. It has LED lights which changes colour with the change in temperature, also the soap dispenser comes integrated with it, in addition to it the exterior is stainless steel while the valve come with diamond seal technology, which makes it a high end product but a beautiful one.


  1. Kraus KPF-1602 Pull-down Faucet :- This faucets highlight feature is two spout, the pull-down spray head with an sturdy stand and handle with a fair amount of reach, a fixed spout with a simple lever in centre to switch from hot and cold and yes it can swivel 360. This has all metal finish and no trace of plastic, the rust resistant coating and majorly brass construction makes it last for decades. It also gives the inflow of water from both the spouts at a same time, giving you the opportunity to use the most of it.

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