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Buying Guide for Best Water Heaters

As we all know winter season is about to arrive and we all are aware that to bath in this season is quite difficult with cold water. This is why best water heater in india becomes necessary for every person to buy the best water heater/geyser for their home. Nowadays, finding the best water heater for your home can be a hectic and difficult task. It is because there is a huge number of models available in the market of geysers. Our team of expert researchers have performed a comprehensive research of the market to find the best water heater available in the market. Here in this post, I will be discussing about some best water heaters along with a buying procedure which you need to follow to buy the best water heater/geyser for your home. Below are some of the significant steps which you need to follow while buying a water heater today Simply check water heater price by clicking the links given below. 


Installation Of best water heater in india:

When we talk about water heater, installation is considered among one of the significant factors which needs to be performed in a professional manner. For proper installation, you need to acquire service of professionals, who have the expertise to install all types of water geysers/heaters in a proper manner. This is the reason why most water geysers/heaters don’t come with after sale services, which is why it should be checked before buying. We will help you in Buying best water heater in india.

Budget Friendly:

Financial budget is another important factor as it will determine which brand water geyser/heater you are going to buy. It is because there are many options available in the market, so once setting your budget you will effortlessly be able to buy your desired heater which can fulfill your requirements.


Most water heaters/geysers usually last for years and on average works perfectly for about 10 years. However, it completely depends on the quality of water and also its usage. Here it is noteworthy to mention here that it is necessary to always go for the product which is reviewed by more than 100 customers and are pretty satisfied with its performance.

What are best water heater in india and its Types?

Water heaters are considered as the appliances which helps the consumer to heat the water during winter season and that too in a short span of time. There are basically three types of water geysers/heaters which are described below:

Immersion Water Heater:

This type of water heater feature immersion rods. This type of water heater is proven to be the most budget friendly water heater and also the perfect alternative for actual water heaters/geysers. They are effortlessly available at any electrical shop both online and offline. They are available at a competitive price as compared to other types of water heaters/geysers. Below are some of its pros and cons:


  • Compact and mobile
  • User friendly and fast heating
  • No installation required
  • Available at competitive price


  • High energy consumption
  • Might lead to misuse of property
  • Not safe especially if you have children at home

Immersion Water Heater : Upto 30 % Off

Instant Water Heaters:

instant water heater

Instant geysers are the most common water heaters available today for the consumers across the globe. The instant water heater is because they are durable and are available at a reasonable price. They are compact in size which makes them cover less space and are preferred over other types of heaters. The instant water heater is considered as the ideal water heater/geyser if you have less family members and require less hot water in your home. They are also known as electric geysers in some markets.


  • Compact and elegant design
  • Reasonable price
  • Safe to use


  • Not recommended for large families
  • Consumption of electricity is high

Water Heaters with Storage:

This type of water heater/geyser is most commonly used in homes as most consumers prefer more quantity of hot water at a single time. Moreover, they also want to save their hard earned money which I believe is a wise thing to do. There are different types of water heaters with storage available in the market.


  • More quantity of hot water available at single time
  • Able to save power consumption
  • Can get up to 15 liters of tank capacity water geyser with storage


  • Huge in size which makes it cover extra space
  • More space is required for installation

Storage Water Heater: upto 30 % Off

Gas Geyser:

Gas geyser is a new type of water heater which is recently introduced. It is energy efficient and features a compact design. There is a gas line in it, which allows the consumer to save a lot of money and time.


  • Compact size
  • Helps to minimize cost of heating water
  • Sleek and compact design


  • New in market which creates less awareness about it

There are different brand best water heater in India available in the market from high to low price. If you are interested in buying a top brand water heater but don’t have the budget to buy it. Don’t worry, as most online stores are offering installment options for their consumers to buy water geyser of different known brands. Geyser price in Pakistan varies as per the model you select of the above mentioned type of water heater for your home.

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