Sleep Spa ‘First Time in India’ By Coirfit Mattress Review

With unique features and vivid configurations, I am amazed at the fast pacing progress the mattress industry is making. Latest to join the ‘First Time in India’ bandwagon is Sleep Spa by Coirfit Mattress. With an extended warranty of up to 11 years and Free Door Step delivery, Sleep Spa Mattress has definitely taken over the competitor’s space. From 100% natural latex mattress to revolutionary memory foam mattresses, the ball is definitely in their court. Here is our coirfit mattress review. Let’s have a look at their new and innovative products-

Nirvana 100% Pure Latex Mattress

 Ergonomically designed with 7 firmness zones, Nirvana 100% Pure and Natural latex mattress is perfect for correct support and uncompromising comfort for your body.

Detailed coirfit mattress review

The mattress is divided into 7 different firm zones which provide soft support to your upper back, pelvic area and helps in spinal alignment. For the lumbar area, the mattress provides firm support which helps in relieving tension and lower back pain. Harvested from the rubber tree, the configuration of 100% organic latex along with 7 zone sleep system further provides flexibility and pressure point relief.


Benefits of Nirvana 100% Pure Latex Mattress

  • We spend one-third of our life sleeping in bed and what we sleep on has an effect on us as well. Therefore, the mattress is developed using natural and chemical free processes which makes it dust mite resistant, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • With no motion transfer feature, you can sleep undisturbed while your partner is changing his position in bed.
  • Backed by 11 years warranty, the mattress comes with a removable zip cover which helps in maintaining a healthy and hygienic bedroom environment.
  • The open-cell structure of natural latex combined with the luxurious bamboo fabric keeps your mattress cool and enhances air circulation.
  • For full support to your spinal cord and a healthy commitment to the environment, go for this 7 zone latex mattress.

Organica Natural Latex Mattress(coirfit mattress review)

Designed to provide a rich sleeping experience, Organica Natural Latex Mattress responds to your body weight instantly and enhances support to the body.

coirfit mattress review



With features like temperature regulation, contour ability, and natural bounciness, the mattress is a complete sleeping system. Developed with the help of Talalay technology, the 100% natural and organic latex layer makes this mattress environmental friendly, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. A notch above other mattresses, this latex mattress is the perfect hybrid of elasticity, breathability, comfort and an impressive lifespan of  7 years.  Latex gets its properties while it is being developed naturally from the sap of rubber. To maintain buoyancy and a cloud-like sensation, the mattress is free of chemicals and polymers unlike other mattresses available. All these features make it the best mattress in India


Benefits of Organica Natural Latex Mattress

  • Being organic in nature, the mattress has properties like maintaining the natural curve of the spine, eliminating excessive pressure on the body and maintaining proper blood circulation during sleep.
  • The open-cell structure combined with pin core ventilation holes on top helps in maintaining the perfect sleep temperature and moisture absorption.
  • The premium knitted fabric cover imported handles, and our vents add to the look and feel of this mattress.
  • Organica is a mattress that is elastic, biodegradable and a long-term budget-friendly solution to your sleep problems.


Nature Rest Aloe vera Fabric Pillowtop Mattress

This is Ideal for back problems and sensitive body, Nature Rest Aloe vera Fabric Pillowtop Mattress is not just pleasant to sleep on but also has a positive impact on the energy levels.


The mattress is a blend of natural healing and rejuvenating properties of Aloe Vera with our next-generation pressure relieving memory foam to create the best night’s sleep imaginable. The unique treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, keeping the mattress sanitized and fresh. Nature Rest is designed to provide a comfortable and healthy sleep at the same time by incorporating the medicinal properties of Aloe Vera. The luxurious outer cover Fabric is treated with Nature’s wonder plant, Aloe Vera which provides an international and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Benefits of Nature Rest Aloe vera Fabric Pillowtop Mattress

  • Derived from more than 160 biological substances, Aloe Vera is known for its nourishing elements which are good for connective tissue, muscle regeneration, skin cleansing and protecting it against damage while sleeping.
  • Aloe Vera, known for its medicinal properties for more than 6000 years now, gets combined with the comfort of the mattress in a revolutionary concept brought to India for the first time.
  • It instantly has a soothing effect on the body thus allowing you to wake up fresh every morning.
  • Enhancing the medicinal features of Aloe Vera, memory foam layer proffers a feeling of soft and gentle comfort that’s underpinned by a well-balanced layer of support.
  • For extra padding and for a super comfortable feel, the mattress is equipped with a fancy pillowtop concept and is backed by 7 years warranty.
  • Nature rest is the perfect sleep companion for people who seek comfort, luxury, quality, and undisturbed beauty sleep.

Sleep Spa Ebon Charcoal 3-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

 Adding to the advantages of a memory foam mattress, Sleep Spa Ebon Charcoal 3 Zone Memory Foam Mattress is crafted keeping in mind a hygienic and healthy bedroom environment.

Description (coirfit mattress review)

With benefits like odor and moisture control, charcoal memory foam is produced with revolutionary science that features innovative contour technology. A flame safe mattress, Charcoal memory foam mattress provides superior airflow and temperature regulation. The charcoal particles form a barrier and filter the area while you sleep peacefully throughout the night. With an all-over cooling ventilation surface, the charcoal in this mattress works similar to how it works in other products. Adsorbing impurities, pollution molecules, bacteria, the mattress is a fantasy world for people with allergies.

Benefits of Sleep Spa Ebon Charcoal 3-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

  • Breaking all barriers, our charcoal mattress features a 3 zone sleeping system for the first time in India.
  • Proffering support to your entire body, the mattress is divided into three different zones, which provides varied support based on the body part. This is our coirfit mattress review to help you in making a better choice.
  • With extensive 7 years warranty, soft support to shoulders and firm support to the lumbar region, you can sleep soundly while your mattress maintains the natural ’S’ curve of your spine along with a hygienic sleep environment.


Sleep Spa La Swirl Convoluted Memory Foam Cool Gel Mattress

Upgrade your sleep experience with Sleep Spa La Swirl Convoluted Memory Foam Cool Gel Mattress. Known as the egg crate foam, convoluted memory foam provides an extra layer of support and comfort during your nocturnal slumber.

Description(coirfit mattress review)

With the high probability of heat dispersion and weight distribution, La Swirl is the perfect sleep companion for spinal alignment and pressure relief. It helps in eliminating bedsores and helps in alleviation. With a high foam formulation, the convoluted layer evenly disperses your weight and provide’s a comfortable undisturbed sleep surface. The bumps and dips of the convoluted memory foam perfectly contours to the body shape and provide unmatched support.

Benefits of Sleep Spa La Swirl Convoluted Memory Foam Cool Gel Mattress

  • The mattress maintains freshness and naturally deodorizes your mattress which imparts a longer life to the mattress. The essential sleep factors-durability, comfort, support and temperature regulation are present in this mattress.
  • This unique convoluted sleep surface provides complete support from head to toe.
  • Backed by 7 years of warranty, now you can relax tired muscles and ease back pain with this therapeutic sleep surface and enter a sleep paradise that you have never experienced before.


Well, each one of this product is a complete sleep system on its own and is sure to proffer a good night’s sleep. If you are looking for a mattress that is a configuration of organic properties and rich craftsmanship, then I totally recommend these products, so ahead and pick one for yourself.

Little inside detail, to order any of these products you can visit or order via Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any other leading e-commerce portal. I had certain doubts about these ‘First Time in India’ products and Sleep Spa’s support team helped me sort out each of them. You can reach them on toll-free number 1800-572-9915 or support This i was our detailed coirfit mattress review. Comment your response below.

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