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In the world that we live in, trends are changing every minute. Some are here to stay while others last for hardly a season. But the only trend or I would rather say a lifestyle that is here to stay on the block is the constant attempt of weight loss and adopting exercises to stay fit. Healthy is the new lifestyle. People are ditching junk and oily food and prefer to eat clean and healthy. With great exposure comes great learning, so people have started adopting different exertion habits as they are a great way of reducing frustration and keeping your body shape and mind at peace. Be it through cardio, Zumba, workout, aerobics, yoga or simply kicking off with adopting the habit of walk or jogging along with circular breathing.
It is however difficult for some people especially the ladies of the house to keep up with the routine of leaving their homes every day to go to the gym to give themselves some time and work on losing their weight. Long before the modern days, it was difficult to manage both the house chores and going to the gym. Prioritizing their choices, the ladies had to cut off the gym. But with the elliptical machine, it has now become easy for them to lose weight. Bringing home the machine is one of the greatest decisions they have ever made.
Over the years the machine has proven to be the best weight loss secret there is. The elliptical trainer is also an integral part of the gym. It provides a slightly low effect of cardio and motivates running. For those who cannot go on a track for running or jogging for any reason, this machine provides them with an option to walk and jog at one place. And that too without any joint pain. It is profitable for people who have joint pains or injuries.
The elliptical trainer has proven to be a full body cardio workout. The machine has moving handles for the arms. Moving the arms back and forth along with the paddling helps to flex the muscles and are a great source for the upper body workout, unlike the phone handles on the treadmill or other similar machines.
There are a few hacks that can help you drop more pounds in less time.
Fat burning Zone
When you step on your elliptical trainer, the first thing you have got to do is ignore the “fat burning zone” sign. According to the researches, the fat burning zone only burns the fat and not the carbs so you have to exceed the limit so you can lose the overall calories. Once you pump your steps hard on the metal pedals, your body keeps on burning calories even after stepping off the machine. But for this, you have to exceed the fat burning zone.
Break up the sweat
Intervals are always recommended when doing a workout or cycling, as they help you work harder when you start afterward and start sweating again. The rick has proven to help lose more calories. Same is the case with the elliptical, it is recommended to have breaks in between paddling and giving your sweats some rest.
Flat feet go a long way
A common mistake we make is working out on our toes. This rips the calorie burn big time. What is recommended to do is keeping your feet flat on the paddles? Not only does this helps to flex more muscles but it also helps a great deal in burning the calories faster.
The positioning of your body is very important while stepping up on the elliptical machine. For instance, your back should be straight, your shoulders should be straight, your abdominal muscles should be tight and your head should be held high up. Moreover, avoid holding the bars tight and gripping them because that causes you to lean forward. And while doing the workout your weight is supposed to be supported by your lower body so you cannot lean on the handles. Although the elliptical machine is considered to be one of the greatest and safest ways to work out, it is still recommended to consult a doctor before stepping on one.
Along with all the benefits, there is a drawback to the loveable elliptical machine, it can keep a person in the world of dreams by showing them more than the calories he is actually burning. So be careful the next time you smile while watching your calorie burn on the elliptical trainer.

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