How Effective Are Air Purifiers In Handling Allergies

It would help to understand the composition of air pollutants in most urban areas. The pollution of air masses is brought about by gaseous mixtures which are not naturally occurring in the atmosphere like the exhaust fumes of vehicles and the likes. A good part of the air contaminants is suspended matter like dust, ash particles, pollen grains, and the likes. There cannot be a single contributor to air pollution, and it is mostly a contribution of many contributing elements.

How levels of air pollution affect people

There are the asthmatic folks who have difficulty in taking a full deep breath during heightened levels of atmospheric pollution. Asthma can best be described as an aggravated form of allergy which cannot be controlled by external methods. It would follow that higher the level of pollution; the more severe would the asthmatic attacks turn out to be. Thus it does help to use an air purifier for dust, to keep the contaminants to such manageable levels to be calming to the asthmatic or at best to completely remove or bring down the level of pollutants to such standards that the asthmatic person is provided complete relief.

One of the most important features of asthma attacks is the subjective nature of the condition. That is the same level of dust or pollutants need not produce the same distress in two different people. It is this ambiguous nature of the allergies that make it hard to conclude as to what is the acceptable level of pollutants in the atmosphere.

The role of mechanical filters in maintaining air quality

Most of the air purifier for dust is nothing but mechanical devices that remove the contaminants by physically providing a barrier to their free flow. There are some advanced techniques like ionic precipitators that remove the dust and other suspended particles in the air by an alternate method. But these are not commonly used due to the high cost of the machines and equally important is that it needs a specific technical skill to keep it operational.

Thus for the ordinary folks in most cities, it is a matter of having to do best with what options are available. However, it must be said that mechanical cleaning or scrubbing is sufficient to control the most commonly occurring pollutants in the air.  Moreover, taken for the cost of the air purifier, the results would more than match the expense incurred.

Using air purifiers when keeping pets on the premises

Most people that do keep pets at home are not the kind to be affected by the pet allergies or else they would not have introduced pets to their homes. However, the role of pet allergens comes to play when there are visitors to homes or rooms where the pets usually are harbored.

A simple solution to this issue is to use the air purifier for the dust to keep the allergens within manageable levels. This would ensure that the possible visitors to homes with pets are not put to too much distress. By manageable levels, it is meant to keep the air clean enough to allow the visitor enough time to be at ease and not as a permanent solution to pest allergies.

Fortifying the simple air purifiers

As has been described above, the typical air purifier for dust does no more than removing the most parts of the irritating dust particles. It is possible to use gadgets that further build on the operational qualities of the dust filter and purifier. There are ultraviolet light systems that sanitize the area when they are kept. This is one method to sterilize the air that we breathe completely.

Another convenient machine is the aerosols that kill bacteria and other microorganisms present in the atmosphere. They can be used in a more closed environment, like the homes and offices, along with the dust purifiers to provide a cleaner environment.

So it is never that the air filters and the air purifier for dust are the ends of the journey as far as steps to keep the air free of pollutants and allergens are concerned. It would be worthwhile to use measures which are cost effective for the solution sought. There would be little use for the kind of sterilization at homes which are carried out at hospitals. So the right approach is to use a method or technique that is commensurate with the final result that is intended to be achieved.


The use of air purifier for dust need not prove to be the final part to controlling allergies and asthma attacks. But the filters and purifiers to help keep control of a situation that otherwise would have been seriously out of control.

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