13 Useful Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Have Never Heard Off

We all dream of a spotless carpet in our home. In reality, keeping your carpet clean is easier said than done. In some cases, vacuuming and regular cleaning methods don’t always work out always.


This is where we come in. Here we are providing you 10 useful carpet cleaning hacks you probably have never heard before.

#1. Chewing gum and Dent removal in carpets

Ever noticed an accidental chewing gum sticking to your carpet? Or, noticed your carpet being dented by a furniture?


They both have the same solutions. Use of ice-cubes! Place some ice cubes of ice over the affected area and leave it to dry. After that, gently scrub off the gum from the carpet with any sharp object.


In case of dents, keep few cubes of ices on the spot and leave it to dry. It will automatically revert back to its previous state.  

#2. Disinfect your carpet

It’s high time you changed your regular vacuum cleaner. Your carpet deals with hundreds of different germ elements daily. So sometimes, even with regular vacuuming, a little bit of extra care is necessary.


To disinfect your carpet, take a good amount of salt and spread it with your hand in the carpet. Rub gently with your fingers so that the fibres don’t get damaged. Let it sit for 2 hours. After that, vacuum normally.

#3. Red Wine Stain

Spilling red wine by you or your guest on the carpet is not uncommon. What you need to do is, act right away and clean the mess up. Leaving the stain for a long time would only make the stain permanent.


Take a dry cloth and soak the excess amount of wine from the carpet. Now take a mixture of 1 tablespoon of plain dishwashing soap, ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar and 3 cups warm water and sue it to break the wine’s bond and help the left-up liquid to be blotted up.


Later, soak the area with the mixture and let it sit for 5 minutes. Repeat the first process again with clean dry rag and blot the excess wine up. Keep doing it until the carpet is clean again.

#4. Grease Stain

Got grease on your carpet and tensed how to remove that? Grease aren’t like regular stains so it’s obvious to freak out a bit. But the solution is way much easier.


One element that fights against grease is dish soap. Take a liquid measuring cup filled with water and put a few drops of dish soap in it. After stirring it properly, pour a bit of the solution on the grease. Then dab the stain with a dry cloth rag until it soaks the grease properly.

#5. Wax on Carpet

Wax is something very annoying to deal with when it dries. It doesn’t necessarily create a deep stain but removing wax is not an easy task.


If the area is dried, cover it with white cloth and warm the area up for 25-30 seconds with iron. As soon as the wax melts, scrape it away. Don’t use too much heat or else it could burn your carpet as well.


For this, you can also use a hair-dryer to melt the wax. If there is still wax left, put a paper towel on the top of that and iron it for 20-25 seconds. The paper towel will take off some wax on it.


Keep repeating the steps until you get rid of the wax completely.

#6. Dirt on Lighter Shade Carpets  

No need to freak out again if your white furry carpet gets dark colored stains and dirts on it. One easiest way to remove this stain is using shaving foam.


White shaving cream is very useful in this case. Just spray the foam on the stained area and let it sit for half an hour. Later, take a dry cloth and blot it on the stain to gently remove the mark.


If you still see a mark, take a mixture of 1:1 vinegar and water and spray it on the spot. Dab it with a dry cloth and end the process.

#7. Pet Hair

It’s just not possible to stop your pet going around the carpet. They are no wonder best friends. But pets get their furs on the carpet which are hard to remove.


A squeegee is the best option for this case. Get a squeegee and run through that on your carpet. It’s rubber blade will pull out all the hairs from the carpet and make it clear again.


Alternatively, you can also go for pet carpet cleaners as they are more suited to deal with pet hairs than regular vacuum.

#8. Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are probably one of the most common stains in your carpet. Almost everyone have faced this accidentally spilling the coffee out of the mug situation.


To clean it up, first soak-out as much of the spilled coffee as possible. Then make a mixture of 1 cup warm water, 2 teaspoons of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons dish soap together.


Dab this solution gently on the coffee stain with a dry cloth. Repeat this until the stain is gone. Finally finish it off with cold water wash.

#9. Lint Roller Hack

Removing hairs and cruds from carpet could be the most tiring thing ever. Not all of them comes out with vacuuming. Lastly, you may end up picking all the hairs by your hand manually which could be a never-ending job.


For this, a lint roller is an easy solution to remove hairs from carpet. Just roll it all way through your carpet and all the hairs and cruds will automatically tangle with the roller and come out from the carpet.

#10. Oil on Carpet

Oil stains are too rigid and always refuse to go away. For that, try this hack now and fear oil stains no more.


Put a spoon full of cornstarch on the oil stain and leave for 30 minutes. Following to that, pour a bit of dish soap on it. Not too much, not too less. Then take a toothbrush and cleanse the oil stain gently.

Don’t be too rough on your carpet while brushing. Pour water as well for making fizz and washing it off. Later take a dry cloth and sop it away. Your oil stain will be gone forever!

#11. Carpet Odors

You will face the issue of carpet odors more if you have pets at home. Traditional ways to get rid of stinks work more than the other chemical products now.


Make a mixture of 10 cups baking soda and around 35-40 drops of essential oils like lavender and peppermint. Sprinkle it evenly on all parts of the carpet and leave it for half an hour. If your carpet has too much odor, you can leave the solution for overnight as well.


After that, vacuum the carpet and it’ll smell much nicer.

#12. Chocolate Mark on Carpet

Running kids with chocolate is always a recipe for disaster and your carpet is an obvious target.


For that, just let the chocolate harden up and scrape off the excess with a sharp object. Then pour mild detergent with water on the mark and gently scrub with a brush. Take a dry cloth and soak the water and remove the mark away.

#13. Pen Marks

A pen mark in a light colored carpet looks very odd. Contrary to popular belief, it can be easily removed.  


Pour rubbing alcohol on the pen marks in your carpet and dab with a cloth rag or white towel to soak it off. Gently rub the cloth to get the pen marks off. Pour as much rubbing alcohol as you need until the mark is gone completely.


Nail polishes could also be removed in this way.

Final Thoughts

Maintenance is essential to keep your carpet clean and spotless, but with these easy-to-follow steps, we hope the job will become much easier. Please do share if you know of any other homemade hacks for carpet cleaning as I would love to try them out.


Happy cleaning!


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