How To Get More Followers On Instagram And Attract Some More Followers

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Are you wondering on how to get more followers on Instagram for attracting right followers? If so, then you are not alone. Building stronger brand on IG is not only vital for your business but also essential for attracting the right audience, that is, your future customers. As you just have a few seconds for making a greater first impression when a new visitor lands on IG profile, it is always mandatory to make it count. So, without wasting any time further, let’s just teach you on ways to brand yourself perfectly on Instagram by just optimizing IG profile. It helps in converting new visitors, right into your followers’ count.

Whether you are just new to the IG marketing or starting to work on a new account, attracting some of the new followers on IG can be a bit challenging. There you have some informative news and notifications on free Instagram workshops, which will help you to know ways about procuring your first 1000 followers for IG. You can get to learn about some details from right away.

Follow These Simple Steps & Learn how to get more followers on Instagram

Combine personal and professional IG accounts as the first branding step :

how to get more followers on Instagram

Most of the business owners are always juggling with the two IG accounts. One has to be the personal one and another one will reflect their current professional lives. However, according to some pros in this regard, most of the professional IG accounts are missing one major point and that is the owner’s personality. So, without trying to keep things separate, you can blend these two worlds right into one account for your help.

  • Whenever it is about focusing on the account, you have to create one account, which is primarily stated as a personal business brand. It is mainly a form of hybrid right between business and personal account.
  • It helps in allowing you to just pull elements right from both. It further helps in resonating with the audiences even more and better.
  • As per some of the pros out in town, maintaining a proper balance between professional and personal levels on IG account can help you to stay true to your brand well.
  • It means the IG account is designed to show off your personality well and still letting the followers know that you are running a proper business over here for sure.


Try keeping username simple when it is about branding yourself on IG:

The first ever thing that experts recommend you to do is looking at the username for you to follow. In case, you are dealing with the personal brand, it is always a good idea to just use real name. If not, then you can try using the name of the business instead.

  • Whenever the matter revolves around choosing username, experts suggest choosing username closer to your online brand name or the name as possible. The username has to be memorable and simple.
  • Some of the popular Instagram bloggers, like JaceyDuprie, made the current switch of their blog name to their real ones. The brand she follows encompasses both her professional and personal life, under one IG profile.
  • Whether you are planning to create a business or build a personal brand, you have to keep the username simple and short as possible. The username needs to stand out as memorable. So, do not try to make it complicated with unnecessary numbers or symbols.

Make sure to use the name field for sharing top targeted keywords:

The next point in this list has to be the name, which is different from the chosen username you are following. As per the pros in this industry, most of the people use their username in the name field. It is not something you should do as it is noted as a lost opportunity as the words you add in name field are mainly searchable on IG. So, the better strategy in this regard is to use the targeted keywords.

  • Always check out for the keywords, which your followers are searching for on IG. It might be the business niche you are dealing with or the products up for sale. Once you are through with the right keywords, you can put them into the name field.
  • You should dive right into one example for a change. The account of Courtney and the Babes would not show up when the user searches for wellness and health products. So, the brand has to include wellness and botanical beauty in name field.  
  • By a quick search for wellness, the users will come to learn about this new company and can get hooked up to it in no time because of the items provided.
  • To decide on ways to brand yourself on IG, it is always vital to know what the visitors are actually looking for. It is mandatory to know how you can actually present them with vital information within lease time.

Try to optimize the Instagram bio :

Experts have shared some tips on ways to optimize IG bio and make sure to follow that for helping you out on the branding. It is always a clever idea to just segment bio under two parts. The first part should deal with explaining who you actually are, why you are here, what you do and how.

  • There is always a limited space available for making a long-lasting impression. So, it is vital that you can help your visitors know what your business is all about instantly.
  • Without making the bio all about you, make sure to focus on targeted customers. Remember to include ways in which your IG account will help or inspire them.
  • You have to be sure that you are letting potential new customers and followers know everything about you after going through the profile. Moreover, the IG bio needs to be always evolving. It should not remain stagnant or else, followers might lose interest in you and your brand.

However, It is super easy to ensure that more people are following your IG account. It works great for your branding, but only when you clearly follow the steps as mentioned.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.


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