Reviews Of iPhone 7 Plus | All Unbiased Pros & Cons, Features

Reviews Of iPhone 7 Plus | All Unbiased Pros & Cons, Features

Smartphones are generally the most personal gadget that we own. This is the main reason it’s  becomes super necessary to own the phone that fulfills your needs. There are numerous factors to be considered from design and operating system. We consider each and every aspect of your the smartphone to calculate whether it’s an appropriate to buy for you or not.

When it comes to select the best smartphone, it’s always a difficult decision. This year it was terribly difficult, as we had two incredible competitors: the iPhone 7 Plus and the Google Pixel XL. After much study and searching, we landed on the iPhone 7 Plus as the top pick the best smartphone of 2016. Moreover, the Pixel XL is the closest contender.Here are the reasons why the iPhone 7 Plus triumphed .


Product Description

Price Rs 70,650.00
Camera Description7 MP
RAM Size3 GB
Processor Speed1.4 Ghz
Screen Size 5 inches
Display Type1280 x 720
Operating SystemsiOS 10.0.1
Product FeaturesSplash, water and dust resistant


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Features Of iPhone 7 Plus

1.Design and build quality

The iPhone 7 is one the premium phones. In terms of design, iPhone 7 is the best phone. Its small size — 4.7 inches screen — promises that it fits really well in your hands. Also, its rounded edges, as well as the curved glass, that melds into the metal frame, present on the screen makes sure that the phone looks completely fabulous. Its impression is accentuated with the help of a couple of design changes which Apple has made in their new iPhones. TheiPhone 7 plus has redesigned antenna lines,  The camera module, has been redesigned to make it blend into the frame of the good phone. This is more genuine for the iPhone 7, whereas on the iPhone 7 Plus the camera module is different because of two lenses.


The iPhone 7 Plus has got a much better screen. It’s sharper and also the size advantage means that it exists more fun in using, as compared to the iPhone 7 that has a 4.7-inch screen.If compared to the screen of iPhone 6S, the screens on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are much better”. Apple is also making use of the DCI-P3 color profile of the new iPhones, which provides the new iPhones capability to show a huge color range.Technically, the iPhone 7 Plus screens are fantastic. They display deep and pleasant colors and are extremely bright and generate good viewing angles. Also, you can say that the colors are very accurate.


The iPhone 7 Plus use iOS 10 operating system. It is one of the latest  OS from Apple and is the biggest reasons to buy the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Also, it becomes the biggest reason to not buy any other Phone. It works both ways too.As compared to Android phones, the iOS works quite differently.  I am sure  that you already know.  when it comes to user experience, it usually manifests both nice as well as not so nice manners. And the good bit about the iOS is that how fabulous it is as an OS. So all your first party apps will follow a particular pattern, the animations are gorgeous so that there are no lags when you open your apps.


Images speak for themselves when it comes to the camera. But just to conclude the 12-megapixel rear camera of the iPhone 7 Plus is brilliant. It is always known in terms of its white balance and it over-sharpen the images too. Most users will love the way how easy it is to generate great images using the iPhone 7 Plus. Also at the same time, the cameras in such phones are quite fast. They are fast in generating focus, as well as quicker in clicking images.Talking about still image quality, the iPhone 7 Plus face some challenge in recording video they are much ahead of others.The iPhone 7 Plus generates fantastic video footage which includes the slow-motion clips which are magical.The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus also come with a  7-megapixel front camera.


This is one major area where your iPhone 7 Plus is flawless. The iOS 10 is very well-optimised. Although it has some bugs it works wonderfully well. Talking about the hardware present inside the new iPhone, such phones are powered driven by Apple A10 Fusion processor which is fast. Although such a speed will not be noticeable if you already use recent iPhone. The fact that the iPhone 7 Plus has powerful hardware makes sure that they are future proof.



  • Beautiful screen
  • Unique camera
  • Solid battery life
  • Class-leading performance
  • Potent speakers


  • Expensive
  • No headphone jack
  • Largely unchanged design


Should you buy them

Absolutely yes! This means for most consumers, the iPhone 7 will be sufficient. It is such a fantastic phone,  although it has some specific areas that could probably have been better in a huge scheme of things, Also there is no another phone present in which all areas such as performance, camera, software and sales. The product is worth buying.

The iPhone 7 Plus is an even better deal if you don’t wish bulk size.Also, It is also a phone which will give you best battery life as compared to the iPhone 7 If compared any Android phone, the iPhone 7 Plus is the better to deal for all the consumers. 

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