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TrackR Pixel Review That Works With The Keys, Wallets & Phones

Are you searching for TrackR pixel? It is the smallest, lightest and brightest Bluetooth tracker that comes along with a loud ringer and LED lights so that you can find almost anything, even in the dark. The Pixel Multi-packs are individually packaged for easy gifting. Here is our trackr pixel review.


What Will You get new with the TrackR Pixel?

The Pixel is designed like Bravo’s coin-size shape. But if the Bravo is about the size of a quarter then the Pixel is closer in size to a nickel. The pixel is also a little bit thicker than the Bravo. Bravo is about 0.22 inches thick while the pixel is 0.14 inches thick. It is thicker than Bravo. Read below trackr pixel review. 

TrackR is using their extra thickness. It has LED lights to encircle the Pixel and light up.  When you will try to locate the key finder from the companion app on your Android or iOS device. Its entire Pixel lights up and flashes make it easier to spot in a darkened room than the Bravo. Bravo has just a single LED light on its surface.

Performance of TrackR Pixel Review

TrackR has designed the Pixel in a way that it can stay connected to your phone over Bluetooth up to 100 feet. If we talk about general practice then the range is much shorter than the maximum promised by the company. This is used for most Bluetooth key finders. When You will take a TrackR Pixel out to a public park then you will be able to keep a connection for an average of 42 feet. It comes with the longest range topping out at 54 feet.

If we talk about the second model then the connection typically dropped after 30 feet which suggests that the TrackR Pixel is subject to the same problem. People are running various TrackR Bravos over the years then the performance can vary widely from device to device.


Replaceable Battery is a good idea

TrackR has made the name of shrinking down the Pixel to its 1-inch-diameter size and so that with how you replace the battery.

There is nothing easy about swapping out the CR2016 battery inside the TrackR Pixel. If you want to make the change then you can hold the Pixel face down and flat in one hand, then press down with the other hand and twist left.  One can inadvertently activate the Pixel’s two-way finding feature. Also, it sounds an alarm on your phone, which is triggered by pressing down on the Pixel.


Overall Trackr pixel review

Pixel trackers will keep your valuable items safe. One can simply can’t afford to lose such things as your house or car keys.

The Pixel is a refinement and upgrades form of TrackR’s Bravo. It is a keyring-sized device that you have been testing and using for over a year now.

One of the most important functions of the Bravo is the Tile Mate that it had a replaceable battery.

Price of The TrackR Pixel

There are no surprises in the pixel price list. You can buy a TrackR Pixel for £23.99 in the UK or $24.99 in the US. That’s the same price as its predecessor. In our trackr pixel review, price is really affordable.

This is the going rate for pixel, although you will find unknown brands selling Bluetooth trackers for a few pounds on eBay and Amazon. It comes in nine colors: red, yellow, white, black, orange, green, blue, purple and pink.

TrackR Pixel Features And Design

Nothing has been changed in the app to which you’ll get the same intuitive interface as with the Bravo. There are a number of features:-

First One is the Family Sharing that allows others to share your account. Your family members just need to install the app and you give them permission to track your stuff.

Its separation alerts are disabled by default in the app. By TrackR’s own admission, they’re not reliable and drain the battery.

Loud Ringer

You just have to tap the app to make your TrackR pixel ring loudly so you can hear where your stuff is hiding.

LED lights

TrackR pixel doesn’t just ring but also lights up so that you can find what’s missing in a flash.

There is a new feature is built-in blue LEDs that flash along with the 90dB siren. It helps also in the dark and if you’ve accidentally put a piece of paper over your keys.


It is measuring in at 1 x 1 x .2 inches and this is our smallest Bluetooth tracker yet.

The Pixel is very small. Its size is just 26mm in diameter and is 5.6mm thick and that’s why it is smaller than the Tile Mate. This is ao small that there is no hole through which to thread your keyring. Instead a short cord is provided, or you can use the sticky pad to attach it to a flat surface.

Free battery replacement

You will get notified when the battery is low. Also, you can order a free replacement right from the app. It is only applied with TrackR.

The battery is still replaceable. It is twisting off the rear cover reveals a CR2016 coin cell. There’s still no water resistance features.  If you drop your keys on the pavement and it rains then there’s no guarantee that the Pixel will work afterward. The pixel will not work probably. This was our trackr pixel review of battery.

Phone finder

Just Press your TrackR pixel when you want to make your phone ring even when your phone is on silent.

You can press the button on the Pixel to ring your phone. This is ideal if you’ve got your keys in your pocket but have misplaced your phone. Every TrackR doubles as a phone finder.

Map view

If the app is running in the background then you can tap on the map to see where and when you last had your stuff.

If you are unable to find it and Out of Bluetooth range. Then don’t worry when you have to run the app in the background then you can tap on the map to see where and when you last had your stuff.

Crowd Locate

You can rely on TrackR’s global network of users that will help you to locate what’s lost. Also, You’ll receive a private notification when a TrackR app user passes by your lost item.

Ask Alexa

One can use Amazon Alexa Skills to help you find your phone.

Another one is Alexa integration. You don’t have to grab your phone and launch the app. Also, you can ask Alexa to find your missing keys/ wallet/dairy etc.


Its weight is just 4 grams so that the TrackR pixel won’t ever weigh you down.

It is very light that you can attach it to anywhere or on anything. It’s unlikely you had lost something within Bluetooth range then you’d probably only do this if you wanted to take advantage of the Crowd Locate Network. Also, it will provide a last-known location if another TrackR user picks up the signal of the lost things.

TrackR Pixel Important Improvements

The other improvement in the pixel is an increased range. However, This is the difference that you’ll notice in the real world. If you are in the open air then the range was better. Bluetooth will lose connection at around 50 feet. However, Pixel still took longer to establish a Bluetooth connection than the Tile Mate, even when the device was in the same room as the phone.

Tile’s trackers are the both stylish as well as the less expensive while the Tile Mate offers a more consistent experience than what you get from the TrackR Pixel. But the important fact is that you can’t replace the battery in any of Tile’s key finders that means that you have to upgrade to a new device each year. This is a deal breaker for some people. TrackR’s family of key finders is your best alternative. While the Pixel’s bright LED lights and compact size add to its appeal.


TrackR pixel is a small, colorful Bluetooth tracker through which you can find misplaced items through your phone with your companion app.  You just have to simply attach the device to whatever you want to keep track of with the free key loop or adhesive. If you are unable to find your phone then Just ask your Amazon Alexa-enabled device. It will track your phone and Alexa will ring it loudly, even when your phone is on silent. And if your phone is outside of your house then Alexa will tell you the address of your phone last known location.  You can find lost items outside the Bluetooth range. This was our trackr pixel review.

If something has been lost in your house then the TrackR App records its last known location on a map. When another TrackR App user will come within Bluetooth range of your lost item then its location will be automatically updated in your app. You can integrate it with Amazon Alexa family sharing. And if you are unable to find the remote then Track and ring the same TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Device from multiple phones and TrackR accounts. You can order your TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Device 3-Pack. Hope, our trackr pixel review helped you.  For more reviews, read homepage.

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