Why to choose social media marketing over traditional marketing


The act or process of selling and purchasing in a market is called marketing. The technique by which products and goods are promoted, sold and distributed is also known as marketing. An aggregate of functions involved in transporting goods from producer to consumer is called marketing. There are two basic types of marketing based upon their similarities and differences i.e.; Traditional marketing and social media marketing. Traditional marketing has been in use since long with quite a high success rate, but nowadays social media marketing has nailed it efficiently and is still rapidly growing as well specially in instagram followers.

Both types of marketing play their role in great manner because both have positive and negative aspects. Young generation prefer social media due to its speed and efficiency which is quite appealing.


Any type of promotion style, advertising or campaigning used by the companies including printing, newsletters, flyers, billboards, newspapers and ads in order to publicize their services and products is called traditional marketing. Every businessman wants to grow his business. Advertising is a key to achieve this growth. Some technological forms of traditional marketing include television spots or commercials.

The use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or services is called social media marketing. SMM is a type of internet marketing that uses networking sites to publicize the product. Blogs and articles published on internet provide longer details and descriptions of the products being marketed or advertised. Social media techniques monitor progress using web tools. The actual goal of the SMM is to produce that content which users share on social network to assist company boost up their brand exposure. Social media marketing is becoming more popular among practitioners and researchers.


Social media marketing or digital marketing is cost-efficient as compare to traditional marketing. Data and results are collected easily. Online marketing allow you to check your campaign level and outcomes anywhere anytime. Unlike TV or print marketing, it allows you a truly personalized marketing. Social media marketing increase brand loyalty. Traditional marketing is a conventional mode while social media marketing is an updated mode of marketing. SMM is more versatile than traditional marketing.


Social media communicate directly with consumers while traditional modes have many hurdles in between. SM controls the conversation as much as possible while traditional ways cannot do so. SMM increase brand awareness better than tv or commercials. Metrics are the very important tools in SMM. It allows the feedback and interaction of the people with your social content. SMM presents a wonderful brand image development. Another side where social media shines is that you have personal engagement with your audience. Traditional marketing are not very responsive to shifting trends while SMM fly high in this regard.


* Reduced cost and rates

* Real time results and no waiting

* Development of the brand

* SMM is non-intrusive

* Provides higher exposure

* High level of of personalized engagement

* Speedy publicity

* NO interruptions

* Easy and handy tools and analytics

* Refined strategies

* Build relationships and create harmony

* Exhibit your expertise

* Increased visibility

* Connection possible anytime

* You can educate and polish yourself

* High growth rates

So, it’s easy to decide now why to choose social media marketing over traditional marketing.


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